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Early Life Narrative in the Style of Charles Dickens

In 2010, a little, blue-eyed boy called Louie was born in a big, beautiful, English town called Worksop. Louie was very clever.

Two years later, Louie had a brother called Seb. When Louie had a brother, he wanted to play football and when Seb was four year’s old, Louie was football mad. When Louie’s team got into the final, they won. They were very happy.

By Louie

Early Life Narrative in the Style of Charles Dickens

In 2010, a little, brown-eyed girl was born in a hospital in an English town called Rotherham. Her name was Evie and she lived with her mum and dad. In 2013, her brother was born. He was called Olly.

Evie’s mummy was a beautiful, young woman. Her mum, dad and brother loved her very much. When Evie was born, they thought she was gorgeous and they adored her. She had beautiful, brown eyes and sparkly, blonde hair.

On the way home, they bought a cradle and some blankets called blankies.

By Evie

Early Life Narrative in the Style of Charles Dickens

In 2011, a little, green-eyed girl was born. Her name was Blossom. Her mum was pretty girl. When Blossom saw her mum she liked her and her mum liked her too.

Sometimes, baby Blossom cried and cried and cried, but she always stopped. She laughed lots too.

Then, Nanny came to babysit. The baby cried when Mum left but when she came home, she was happy.

By Blossom

Key Stage 1 – Home Blogging Challenge

This half term, we are holding a special blogging challenge that will give children a chance to show their fantastic story writing skills.

The challenge is to create a story based on the picture above. Children could write about who lives in these magical woods, what adventures they might go on in the magical woods or any other ideas that the children might have.

Please post your entries by commenting on this post. The deadline for this challenge is: Thursday 30th November. We are looking forward to reading your ideas. There will be a winner from Year 1 and Year 2, who will receive a trophy and a prize. The winner will also have their writing published in the school newsletter! There are also several prizes for runners up.

Good Luck!