Key Stage 1 – Home Blogging Challenge

This half term, we are holding a special blogging challenge that will give children a chance to show their fantastic story writing skills.

The challenge is to create a story based on the picture above. Children could write about who lives in these magical woods, what adventures they might go on in the magical woods or any other ideas that the children might have.

Please post your entries by commenting on this post. The deadline for this challenge is: Thursday 30th November. We are looking forward to reading your ideas. There will be a winner from Year 1 and Year 2, who will receive a trophy and a prize. The winner will also have their writing published in the school newsletter! There are also several prizes for runners up.

Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “Key Stage 1 – Home Blogging Challenge

  1. Amira Almaghari

    These colourful woods are home to mystical unicorns and magical fairies.
    The fairy whizzes through the trees collecting the last of the days sunlight to make her fairy dust.
    The unicorns horn sprays paint all around like a glimmering, vibrant rainbow, whilst fairies sit on spotty red toadstools watching the show.
    The magnificently tall trees stand up straight like frozen statues, guarding the secrets within.
    This place is hidden far far away and only fairytale creatures may enter.
    This place is called the ‘Forest of Wonders’.


  2. Ethan Richards

    A fairy ‍♀️ might live in these magical woods that are beautiful purple colours. The fairies might fly around the trees playing games and having fun. The woods are big and mysterious. I think my Christmas elf Chippy might also live here and is playing with the fairies. Chippy can fly when I am asleep. I can see the magic dust swooping around where they are flying but they are that quick I cannot see them. They are sprinkling magic fairy dust in the woods to make it sparkle and look magical.


  3. Emily Craig

    Once upon a time, there was a girl called Emily and she lived near a magical wood.

    One day she decided to take a walk through the wood and have a picnic. She met a fairy called Libby and they played together.

    Libby showed Emily her house in the bottom of a tree. She told Emily all about the magical creatures that lived in the wood. There are pixies, unicorns, a dragon and rainbows that can talk!

    They drank acornade and ate magical fairy cakes which made Emily fly. Emily met the dragon called Zizzy and had a ride on its back all the way back to her house.

    Emily stroked the dragon and it flew off. Emily couldn’t wait to visit the wood again!

    The End



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